Offset Printer
in Gurgaon


Sandeep printers is a reputed offset printer in Gurgaon. The company has been providing the services since 1990 in the Kapashera, Gurgaon. The company provides the best printing services to the client within the budget on their specifications. The services of the offset printer in Gurgaon , enables businesses to get a service that supports their business growth.The company has mastered the technologies in screen printing, letterhead designing, invitation designing, brochure, booklet printing, ID Card & Lanyard, label printing, woven printing, offset printing, designing and making barcode stickers. The color, material, and font are decided by the client.

Offset Printing

The offset printing is a technique in which the inked image is transferred from a plate to the rubber blanket and finally to the printing surface. It uses a flat planographic, an image carrier, on which the image to be printed obtains ink from ink rollers. The non-printing area remains free, as it attracts a water-based film, known, as the fountain solution. Sandeep Printers uses the modern techniques to offer the best services in the offset printing. The use of modern web process, feeds a large paper reel through a large press machine in several parts, for several meters. This process enables continuous printing as the paper is fed through.
Our skills as a reputed offset printer in Gurgaon help our clients to get the best products and solution within the stipulated time under a budget. Our whole process from pre-printing to post printing to finishing and delivery helps clients to get the finest services in line with the marketing strategy. The whole process is monitored by the quality checkers to ensure the best services, strictly on the client specifications are provided to the client. All services are provided within the deadlines without exceeding the budget of the client.
We regularly upgrade our infrastructure, and printing technology to ensure that the latest features are incorporated in the products for clients. Our experience, knowledge of the market and understanding of the need of the client helps us to deliver the exact products that further the interest of the clients.