Label and Sticker Printer
in Gurgaon


Sandeep printers has established itself as a leading supplier of label and stickers in the Delhi NCR region. The company has been providing the printing services since 1990 from Gurgaon. The printing services of the company are provided through the designing and printing of invitation cards, letterheads, brochure, booklet, woven label, barcode stickers, ID Cards & Lanyards. In addition to this, the company has mastered the screen printing, label printing, offset printing and booklet printing technology .

label and sticker printer

Sandeep Printers has the state of the art commercial department to provide the best printing services to the client. The company incorporates the best features available in the printing field in the world to ensure that all latest features are available to the client in the country.
Over the years, the company has worked with the leading clients in the Delhi NCR from various business fields and industries. As a leading label and sticker printer in Gurgaon, we off the labels and stickers in various sizes, shapes, colors and design to meet the exact needs of the business.
A sticker is a piece of a paper or vinyl, which is sticky on one side and has a design on the other side, the upper side. It contains the information about the product on which it sticks. Besides providing information such as manufacturing date, expiry date and price, the sticker also provides the information on the basic features of the products. The label, on the other hand, is a piece of paper, plastic, metal, polymer, cloth or other products, fixed to a product. It also contains information about the product, it is attached to. The labels need to be attached to the products throughout the life of the products.
As a reputed label and sticker printer in the Gurgaon, we use the quality material in the manufacturing of the stickers and labels. We customize the stickers and labels to ensure that the client gets the product according to precise specifications. The labels are wash care labels, thermal transfer label, laundry care labels, etc. Our labels and stickers are used in the manufacturing, commercial and services industries.